Jimi AC10

Much less known than its eldest brother, the AC10 has real qualities to feature. Lightweighted, cumbersomeless could be enought to gain interest over its 2x12" historic rival. But the sound doesn't lack of interest at all! It will deliver the classic bright and chimey clean british sound without the dirty side his eldest brother has got. The AC10 stays clean all the way and that's the way we like it!

  • Normal Channel, Hi & Lo Inputs

  • Tremolo Channel, Hi & Lo Inputs

  • Controls : Vol. Normal, Vol. Tremolo, Tone, Amplitude, Speed

  • Footswitchable tremolo  (included)

  • Preamp : EF86 (V1), ECF82 (V2), ECC83 (V3)

  • Power stage : EL84 (V4, V5)

  • Rectification :  EZ81 (V6)

  • Speaker : Celestion Gold 10"/30w

  • Power transformer : InMadOut

  • Output transformer : Mercury Magnetics

  • Power : 12Wrms

  • Weight : 18kg

  • Finish : Classic (black tolex, gold piping and diamond grillcloth)


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